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Stacy Reese, M.S.    
TX Licensed Irrigator #4467
TX Licensed Irrigation Auditor
Retired Dallas Co. Extension Horticulturist
  TX Certified Aroborist #TX-0176
TX Assn. of Landscape Professionals
Certified Landscape Professional
"After retiring as the Dallas County Horticulture Agent for Texas Cooperative Extension, I decided to start my own landscaping and consulting business specializing in low water use, low maintenance landscapes.
As I began to think about what companies I would use as my suppliers, I knew that I would buy my organic matter from Soil Building Systems. When I was the county agent, i cannot tell you how many compaints I received related to poor quality compost and organic matter supplied by various recycling companies. Not once did I ever receive a complaint regarding Soil Building Systems. The reason why is that they do the job right and offer you quality products.
Proper soil prepatation is just one of the vital steps to a healthy landscape. This important step provides the foundation of your landscape. You mess up here and chances are things will never be right!
Don't take chances with your own or your customer's landscaping investment. I am an award-winning horticulturist and can help you solve all types of landscape, turf and greenhouse related problems. I also provide high quality landscape installation at a reasonable rate, and am willing to take on small jobs!
You can bet I will buy my organic matter from Soil Building Systems and I recognize them as a company of excellence dedicated to providing the best materials possible for us to use in the foundations of our landscapes."
Stacy Reese
Retired Dallas County Extension Horticulturalist