Customer Endorsements


"We certainly believe that Soil Building Systems’ products are special. They are a key component to the success of our planting. Soil Building Systems is our specified provider for soil. In the past, if we have a problem with planting, or plants appearing chlorotic, we could trace the issue back to an unspecified soil mix. Such a mix would not contain properly decomposed compost, which caused plants to be burned by 'too hot' of a soil. With Soil Building Systems we have never had this problem."

-- Coy Talley, ASLA Principal

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“The cornerstone of Landscape Concepts’ plant performance begins with the best bed preparation techniques available. Soil Building Systems products give our firm the confidence to use a diversified plant menu for our theme gardens. Thank you Soil Building Systems.”

-- Michael C. Dickerson , President

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“We must have a quality compost that is thoroughly broken down and consistent in both its texture and content. For over a decade Soil Building Systems has provided us with this compost, along with on-time service allowing us to get it on our jobs when we needed it."

-- David Hadden, President

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“Bonick Landscaping has become the premier landscape contractor in the metroplex by consistently delivering the highest quality landscape designs and installations for over 20 years. We’ve built our reputation by holding ourselves accountable to the highest standard of excellence for our craftsmanship. That is why we have grown to depend on the consistently high quality of the soil amendments we receive from Soil Building Systems. We know that quality is measured by the vitality of our plant selections in the years that follow installation. SBS provides us with soils that allow us to return year after year to find our projects thriving. SBS has been a great partner with us. Together we strive to exceed our clients’ high expectations for every project.”

-- Glenn J. Bonick, TCLP President

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“When installing a garden the goal is to create a place of beauty, but it also must be functional and hardy to withstand the harsh Texas weather. Therefore, the only bedding products we trust are the ones from Soil Building Systems. Given our history with SBS, and the consistently superior results we have come to expect, we wouldn't think of using another supplier. ”

-- Elizabeth Smidt, Owner Great Gardens

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“Having been the Dallas County Horticulture Agent for the Texas Cooperative Extension, I don't take chances with my customers' landscaping investment. I buy all my organic material from Soil Building Systems, and recognize them as a company of excellence, dedicated to providing the best materials possible to use in landscapes.”

-- Stacy Reese, Retired Dallas County Extension Horticulturalist

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"We have utilized the soil amendment products developed by Soil Building Systems for bed preparation on our projects for approximately 15 years. We have found that the organic products developed by SBS provide the best complement to the North Texas soils that we deal with on a daily basis. The consistency of the compost and azalea mixes allow for uniformity from project to project. We have also found SBS to be very flexible about mixing specific blends of amendments for unique requirements on projects, such as topdressings for lawns or fine tuning soils where drainage percolation is a problem. We recommend Soil Building Systems for all of your soil amendment product needs."

-- Doug Park, Director of Landscape Operations

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“The three keys to a beautiful landscape are sound architecture, quality soil and healthy plants. Should any of these elements be absent, the landscape project will fall short of being desirable. The expert team at Soil Building Systems understands the importance and responsibility of their profession. They take soil seriously, which is evident in the results we get from their soils. In our experience, Soil Building Systems’ products are consistently superior, which is why we trust only SBS products on our installations.”

-- Harold Leidner, Landscape Architect

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“First and foremost I am impressed with SBS' excellent customer service. SBS is always pleasant to work with and they work hard to please. They are willing to explain things in detail and are happy to give expert advice when requested. Their pH Balanced bedding soil is excellent, and their Top Soil has a tremendous porosity level, balanced with the appropriate level of compost for nutrition. Their hardwood mulch has never had large chunks or trash in it, which is normal with some other companies. We depend on these fine products to achieve outstanding results in our color beds, container plantings, landscape bed preparations, and lawn installations, and we can rely on these exclusive soils to help Lawns of Dallas surpass the high expectations of even the most demanding of customers.”

-- Vera E. Hawkins, Production Manager Lawns of Dallas

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“We received a superior product than what your competitor delivered last year and your customer service was incredible. I am very grateful for the late night delivery of mulch to allow us to complete the fifteen garden display areas. Belo Expositions is yours forever with customer service and products of this nature.”

-- Patrick Buchen, CEM General Manager Belo Expositions

“SBS is the only soil company that truly understands the essence of compost production. As a hands-on Landscape Architect, I cater to many local celebrities who have exceedingly high standards and expect only the very best. SBS compost and soil mixes are the only products to be relied upon to consistently produce at the level that my customers and I require.“

-- Peter Romo, Landscape Architect

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